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MD Flacks are one of the worlds leading experts in Chinese furniture from the 16th – 19th centuries. Over the last 20 years hey have helped to form many collections and handled some of the rarest and most important pieces known to date.

MD Flacks were one of the first dealers to concentrate on scholar’s objects focusing on rare and unusual pieces of the highest quality. 2014 saw this culminate in the publishing of “Custodians of the Scholar’s Way” a scholarly volume devoted to this subject.

Scholar’s rocks have always been a passion for MD Flacks as they were for the Chinese Scholars for over a thousand years. Again, their focus has been on few excellent examples and this passion led to the publication of Contemplating Rocks in 2012.

A natural progression from their “literati – centric” world MD Flacks have put together a number of exhibitions, including “Contemplating Rocks” which combine both paintings and objects. MD Flacks have been lucky enough to be able to focus on the works of major artists such as Liu Dan, Xu Lei, Zeng Xiaojun, Tai Xiangzhou and others and are slowly adding a few newer artists. Again, the attitude to these works is strongly curatorial with a discerning choice of both artists and individual works. A number of future thematic and solo shows are currently in a state of careful evolution.