Custodians of the Scholar's Way:
Chinese Scholars’ Objects in Precious Woods

In this major study of classical Chinese scholars’ objects, this book explorations into the great traditions of Chinese artisanal art. Custodians of the Scholar’s Way is the third part of a triptych, preceded by Classical Chinese Furniture and Contemplating Rocks.




Contemplating Rocks

The book is a feast to the eye and to the mind: richly illustrated with evocative images of rocks and rock collections and enriched with reproductions of original paintings by leading Chinese ink painters such as Liu Dan, Xu Lei and Tai Xiangzhou. Both novice and expert will be informed by this book and will gain a deeper understanding of the enigmatic and delightful world of scholars’ rocks in classical Chinese culture.


Classical Chinese Furniture

This unique publication that sheds light on one of the most fascinating areas of Chinese Art. Chinese Furniture from the 16th-18th centuries is not only some of the greatest furniture ever made but also the biggest growing area of collecting within China itself.